Bathmate Review – Hydro Pump Before and After Results!

How Will Bathmate Help You?

Like you, I was looking for a way to increase length, but more than that I was looking for way to make my penis more healthy, have hard erections and orgasms. I was already doing safe penile exercises, and using Bathmate seemed like a good fit. But having used other pumps before, I was a little sceptical whether this one would work.

Size Really Does Matter.

Other pumps I used expanded the foreskin only. I was looking for something that could expand on the whole size of the penis. I had heard a lot about this hydro pump and how many guys had experienced good results. I don’t mind spending money as long as the product works right? I’m sure you have bought products in the past that were a total let down too.

If you have just reached this page then you will find all that you need to know about these pumps. Feel free to read through the rest of the site too as it contains some useful information. It’s always a good idea to do more research about penis enlargement for your own knowledge.

What Is Bathmate, How Does It Work?

You have probably used other penis pumps before and maybe you didn’t get the results you were looking for? Bathmate is different from other pumps out there. For a start, you use it whilst having a shower or bath. I am sure you guessed that already! Did you know most pumps are unsafe? Users have reported getting burst blood vessels and serious blisters using certain pumps. Have you ever experienced your testicle being pulled into the pump. It’s happened to me, and I can tell you it is painful! Using unsafe penis pumps can cause peyronie’s disease.


My Bathmate Experience – Bathmate Review

I have taken some time to share my experience with you by writing a review of this pump. You will find a whole bunch of information, that should be useful for you to decide whether it is for you. I will also discuss where you can pick up this popular penis pump for the best price including a money back guarantee. You can read my Bathmate review and make your own conclusion. If you are in a rush, you can find out more about the pump here.

Bathmate Sold Internationally

You can buy this enlargement pump from various locations worldwide. For example, you can purchase in the US, UK, from Asian locations such as Singapore and South Korea. The following is a list of international country locations.

  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Singapore

You can access a country’s site by selecting the location from any of the sites international location sites.

Can I Buy Bathmate Cheap or On Sale?


I would recommend you to buy Bathmate from the official supplier. Not only will you get a money back guarantee, you will receive discreet shipping and billing. The money back guarantee allows you to try the penis enlargement device and return it within six weeks if you don’t start seeing results! As someone who uses the Bathmate and has contacted customer support before, the company is very reputable.

At the time of writing, you can get $69 discount on the Bathmate with various accessories. For a penis enlargement device it is competitively priced. With a money back guarantee too, I can’t recommend it enough.

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Pumping Before Intercourse – Is It Worth Doing?

The simple answer is totally – yes! I have used the Bathmate a number of times before being intimate with my partner and she loves it. After having a warm shower using the pump, the penis size naturally expands. The girth becomes more rounded and the overall size of the penis becomes larger. I use the Hercules so water is retained in the penis. I sort of feel like an adult star with a large size. It feels good, I feel confident and my partner is pleased which is what matters right?


I have noticed pumping directly helps with my libido. I feel more aroused during sex, more stimulated and feel more confident that I can perform. Many people rely on recreational pills or subscribed medication to combat erectile dysfunction, I feel pumping is an excellent natural way to deal with the problem. I am a firm believer of doing things naturally and safely, pumping does this for me.

I don’t know for sure but I feel many adult male stars use quality pumps before performing. How else can they look so big right away? It’s important not too compare yourself to others in terms of size though. There’s no point stressing yourself out. Instead look for natural ways to deal with penile enlargement. Don’t do things drastically. Always think things through before buying any enlargement device, because quite frankly most of them simply do not work or can be dangerous to your health.

I have tried many so called natural male enhancement products and hardly any of them work. To my surprise the Bathmate worked really well. Okay initially there wasn’t much growth but after about 3 weeks of consistent use I began to see the penis stretching and feeling more healthy/heavier if you know what I mean. I became so pleased with my results that I wrote this big review article.

Okay going back to the pumping, every time you apply vacuum pressure the penis stretches. During the pump you get to see the penis in detail. Think of it like a magnifying glass. It’s always recommended to monitor the private genital area regularly just to know you are healthy and not developing any health complications.

My partner is a doctor and from a medical point of view she finds the Bathmate both safe and great for us as a couple. You can always monitor your penis for any abnormalities. That’s just my opinion. The pump is a device you use daily and it’s something personal.

Bathmate Testimonials


I am sure you will be interested to know what other users of the Bathmate have said. The following are Bathmate testimonials and user feedback from a variety of sources. You will notice most of the feedback is quite positive. I am not surprised by this as I have personally found the Bathmate to work for me. It’s not a miracle pump and it does take a few sessions to start seeing results. Having said that, there are some users who noticed results straight away!

Bathmate Testimonials

“I have had the Bathmate for 6 months and I am very pleased with it! I do need a replacement ring now as I have used it quite a bit.” ~Dwayne Roberts

“I first heard about the Bathmate from a friend of mine. I was a little bit skeptical at first. He then even asked me to take a look at his member! I started laughing and asked him to prove it. When he did reveal all, I was quite impressed with the size. He had been using the Bathmate for over 6 months and his penis looked healthy! I knew he was not that big before as we used to share showers in health clubs. I went ahead and ordered a couple of days later and boy am I happy I did.” ~Ryan Jones

“I have tried almost everything. Penis pills, extenders and enlargers, you name it I have probably tried it. The pills are a total waste of money. I have not come across any pill that works! The extender did work, but it left me with an out of shape, noodle type dick. Besides it was uncomfortable to wear throughout the day. I was fed up with everything until I did some research on line about the Bathmate. Some of my friends also recommended it to me so I thought why not give this a try. I ordered a month ago and here’s what I have noticed so far. In the few weeks since using the Bathmate, the girth has thickened. My erections are much harder, probably because I am pumping blood regularly daily. So far so good, simply put the Bathmate works!” ~Max Barnes 

“The Bathmate penis pump was exactly what I needed. It seems to be a solid device, it’s comfortable and the results are very good. I was doing manual PE’s on and off for the last 6 months and since getting the Bathmate, the gains have definitely started to show. I did originally get it for an increase in girth having read various reviews, but there are is a slight increase in length too. I am sure people are not too sure about this device, but for me it has worked. Give it a try, you will only know from experience.” ~Troy Davies


Those are just some of the Bathmate testimonials and feedback. If you were to research the product on forums, check out reviews and generally talk to people who have used it, you will more than likely get a positive response. Because you fill it up with water and it has a hydro valve pump it makes it comfortable to use and the results are good. Of course there are some people who do not see results. For those of you who are not seeing any gains, make sure you do the following:

  • Follow the instructions
  • Don’t overuse the Bathmate. After 4 weeks of continuous use, take a 4-5 day break.
  • Try combining the Bathmate with PE workouts.
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Do cardiovascular exercise and resistance workouts

Believe it or not I do all of the above and it works for me. You don’t have to do everything, but it might work for you.

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Best Way To Buy A Bathmate

If you have decided that you are going to buy a Bathmate, I would recommend you purchase from the official supplier. Personally, I have done just that, and have found the buying process safe, knowledgeable and with a good level of customer service.

I am sure there are a lot of guys who prefer to keep their penis enlargement plans to themselves. It’s not usually something you talk about with everyone. The official supplier has a full privacy disclosure meaning, your personal payment and identity details are not shared with everyone.

Customer service is great. If you have any problems with your Bathmate, just email them first. I got a response in hours. You can always call on the numbers provided.

Buy A Bathmate With A Money Back Guarantee

Wherever you decide to purchase the Bathmate, make sure you get a money back guarantee with no questions asked. Upon purchase you can return the product within 14 days excluding the shipping charge which is not refundable. The official supplier will also accept returns for a new or used Bathmate within 6 weeks of purchase. You do need to register your Bathmate as soon as you receive it for returns of this nature to be accepted.


From the money back guarantee, it’s quite obvious the company backs it’s product and name. They believe the Bathmate is one of the best penis enlargement products on the market today.

There is a list of countries they do not ship to based on customs regulations and practices. If you reside in one of those countries, you may need to find alternative ways of getting hold of the Bathmate.

There are other places you can get the Bathmate, but do find out what terms and conditions they have for purchase and whether you get a money back guarantee.

Buying A Bathmate – Payment Procedure

When you buy from the official supplier the payment is processed via Paypal or Korta internet payment services. Both are safe and Paypal is a well known payment processing system. The main point is, your card details and the whole payment process is secure and private.

I have found a site where you can purchase the Bathmate for a large discount and safely too. You may want to check out BathmateShop. They ship outside the UK also, most commonly to other European countries and the USA.

Bathmate Goliath – Is This Right For You?

If you are undecided on whether you need to buy the Bathmate Goliath, this section will help clear up some of your unanswered questions. The first thing you need to note is that buying an enlargement pump the right size is the way to go. There’s no point buying a Goliath if your penis is currently small or average.

If you were to buy a bigger sized Goliath, you may find some of the following problems;

  • The pump will never provide you with an adequate seal from the base of your pubic bone area.
  • Because the pump is too big, it will be difficult to get any real suction
  • Of course, you will have wasted money on a pump not adequate for your size member.

Bathmate Goliath – Statistics

The full size of the Bathmate Goliath is 12″ long, 8.5″ in girth. If you are looking to make a switch to the Goliath, you need to be around 8.5″x 6.5″ post workout size. If for any reason you have purchased the Goliath and really should have bought the Hercules, you can simply call the official suppliers, customer service and they will explain to you how to do an exchange.


Problems With the Bathmate Goliath?

Some guys I have spoken to have had certain problems with the Goliath. Most times it’s not a problem with the enlargement pump, instead it’s how they use it. One friend of mine bought the Goliath and was using it 3-4 times a day. This is of course way to excessive and his skin started stretching from the baseline of the pump. When you use any pump it’s important to follow the instructions and not to use it excessively. Doing a one 20 minute session daily is more than enough. You may want to cut this down to doing one session every other day.

You must remember, the skin is unable to keep up with this sort of expansion, and it’s important to give yourself some time to heal. My advice would be to take some days off to let the skin adapt to changes and heal if necessary. Size gain can also occur when you take time off to really let the healing and growth process take place.

The Bathmate Goliath is 30% larger than the Hercules. The following are statistics obtained from the official site.

Bathmate HerculesBathmate Goliath
Width:2.4″ min / 8.4″ max2.4″ min / 11.5″ max
Length11.65 inch13.80 inch
Maximum penis girth:1.88 inch2.56 inch
Maximum penis length:8.26 inch10.24 inch
Max. vacuum air:-0,17 bar-0,17 bar
Max. vacuum water:-0,40 bar-0,40 bar

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Bathmate Alternatives

If you feel that purchasing a Bathmate is either too expensive or just not for you, you may want to look for alternatives. I have listed some of the best alternatives that I think you will benefit from.

Regular Exercise

You may know this already, but exercising regularly is an excellent way to reveal hidden size. I say ‘hidden size’, because if you are unshaven and have excess stomach fat, your manhood may look smaller than usual. Try shaving so that you can get a proper measurement of your member and keep an account of any progress. Stomach and pelvic fat are the main cause of your penis to look smaller than average.

Try exercising using resistance (weight training) and cardiovascular workout. Weight training allows your body’s muscle to work out and eventually tone. Most men with a large penis are either athletic or slim built.

PE (Penis Exercise)

There are many forums and courses that provide an excellent resource for penis enlargement exercise. Jelqing, kegels, and milking are just some of the methods used in exercising the penis. Most of us want to enlarge the penis by way of length and girth. There are men who are looking for ways to maintain an erection or have healthier ejaculation. PE exercises are a proven way to get the penis to become more healthy.


Controlling your diet is always important. How will you lose body fat if you consume a bad diet? Try eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. Stick to eating lean cuts of meat for example, fish and consume oatmeal. Avoid eating processed sugary foods that do nothing for your health and more damage to your waistline. Start taking multivitamins daily to get a dose of all the essential vitamins your body needs.

Are you a smoker? That’s a NO NO, when it comes to penis size and overall health. Smoking causes your penis to shrink in size! You read this correct, and smoking can cause erectile dysfunction. Isn’t it time you gave up?

Pills & Creams

From experience, they have done nothing for me. I have bought various brands and nothing seems to have worked. Having done my own research, most if not all penis enlargement pills are a mixture of herbal ingredients and aphrodisiacs that may promote more blood flow to the penis, but there is no permanent gain in size, none at all.


Penis Weights & Stretching

If you want to have a healthy penis without any future complications, I would avoid hanging weights off the penis or doing extreme stretching exercise. Not only is this dangerous, you won’t see any positive results.

Cheaper Pumps

If you have experienced using a cheaper penis pump, you may have noticed some serious side effects. Sores and bruising are very common. You may experience tissue, nerve or damage or burst blood vessels. So that $10 pump may not be that cheap and effective after all?


Speak to any medical practitioner and they will tell you, surgery has risk factors. Penile surgery is not only painful and expensive, it can also lead to side effects such as post operative infections, permanent damage to the tissue and nerves side effects of anaesthesia. If you are seriously considering surgery you need to speak to a medical practitioner and get all the facts before proceeding.

There you have it, my Bathmate alternatives. Some do work but in combination with the Bathmate pump, you will more likely experience even better results. Choose your bathmate alternative wisely or seriously consider one, the choice is yours.

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My Bathmate Review – Does Bathmate Work?


You have probably come to this Bathmate review in search of answers to a list of questions. The most common questions I get asked is, does Bathmate really work? Also is it safe to use? There are many users of penis enlargement pumps with horror stories of severe blisters, and other problems when you pump a lot of air into a chamber against the skin.

Hydromax Bathmate as it is known is different, it simply attaches to the penis during a bath or shower. You can even use it outside the bathroom. How does it do this? Simply using a built in hydro pump it easily attaches to the penis when filled with water.

If you are in a rush, you can find out more about this penis enlargement product here

The Bathmate Hydro Pump has been a popular penis enlargement product for a few years. I was struggling with my size. I have tried creams, pumps, stretchers and unfortunately nothing worked. I never wanted to take the surgery route, I personally think it is not worth the health of my penis! When I first ordered the Bathmate, I was very sceptical as to whether the pump would be any good.

My Bathmate Review – Does It Work For Me?

There are many Bathmate reviews out there. This is my personal experience. The first difference I noted when using the bathmate is that it has a hydro pump that uses water instead of air pressure. It is very easy to use, and there is no friction with the skin when you use the hydro pump. I was already doing PE exercises, so I had already gained a little bit of length. Even though I was exercising, I was more worried about my girth not growing at all. I was also looking for more harder erections, something I have found hard to come by.

The following are my measurements before and after using the Bathmate.

I started out at 6.65″ BPEL – 5.75″ MSEG Aug 2011

My current stats are = 7.25″ BPEL – 6.00″ MSEG Dec 2011


For me the Bathmate really works. I found it very comfortable to use, and the instructions are easy to follow. I use it for about 15 minutes a day during a shower and also do penis enlargement exercises. By looking after my diet and getting regular exercise, I think this has helped with the overall health of my member.

When I first used the device I was quite surprised with how my penis reacted. The size and firmness was impressive. After pulling the Bathmate off, the size does shrink down which is normal, but over the months I have seen definite gains. After using the Bathmate for over 6 months my penis is hard pretty much everyday. My performance in bed has improved for sure, well so my girlfriend tells me anyway.

The device has a measurement gage that allows you to pump the penis between 90mm and 200mm. Over the weeks you can measure how much in length you are getting your penis pumped to. Although, the product sales page does say it can straighten out bent penises, I have yet to experience it. As far as permanent gains go, I think you definitely need to maintain. For example, if you take a whole week off using Bathmate, you can start up again for 3-4 days. Maintenance in the long run should help maintain some sort of permanent size.

Does The Bathmate Work Straight Away?

It really depends. Personally, using it 4-5 times a week for 15-20 minutes for the first two weeks, I didn’t experience much gain. Only after the third week I started seeing some permanent changes. My advice to those guys who don’t see positive results straight away is to keep using it and follow the instructions. It may take a couple of weeks to start seeing results. Having said that, some people start seeing results in a matter of days. If you have read any Bathmate reviews that say it will guarantee to work straight, remember the gains are only temporary to begin with.

Purchasing The Bathmate – Your Choices


You have a choice of buying the Hercules or Goliath pump. I went for the Hercules one which is fine for me. If you have a large member already, you might want to go for the Goliath. They do come in blue, red, pink or clear colour. Personally, I prefer the clear colour as you can see clearly the measurements and how your penis is reacting to the pressure of the water and pump. You can also buy the shower strap and cleaning kit. After having the Bathmate for a month, I eventually bought the whole set.

I found the payment processing easy and safe, which is mainly done by Paypal when you purchase from the official supplier. The order comes in a plain box, securely packaged so there is not way anyone can tell what is inside it.

Hercules versus Goliath? Which One?

The Bathmate comes in to forms. The Hercules or Goliath. The Hercules can take 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth. So if you are fairly average, just go for the Hercules. It always depends on what you are aiming for in terms of size. I have had a Hercules, but aim to go for the Goliath in future.

Bathmate Review – Is The Bathmate Perfect?

One simple answer, no. For some people it may seem a bit too expensive for a penis enlargement pump. There are some users who have experienced slight pain when using it for the first couple of times. That’s because you might be using the Bathmate incorrectly. Don’t slam the pump too hard against the pubic bone, otherwise you’ll end up in pain. My advice is also to use it for 5-10 minutes instead of the 15-20 minutes. Your penis needs to get used to the pump.

The instructions do say to use it for 15-20 minutes, but my advice is if you are using it for the first couple of times, to do 5-10 minutes.

Overall, I have found the Bathmate to be easy to use, it’s safer compared to other conventional air pumps and importantly you should gain size. You will notice better results if you exercise, watch what you eat and follow some PE techniques. It’s not a magic pump, but it should give you results. I would only purchase from the official supplier as they offer a money back guarantee and have an excellent customer service. I tried calling them about my cleaning kit and shower strap order, and they were excellent.

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I also found a Bathmate video review that I thought you might find useful, check it out below…

Hopefully, you found my Bathmate review useful. Thanks for stopping by!