Best Penis Enlargement Pills – Reviewed in Full

I’ve written extensively on the best penis enlargement pills, how they work, and which ones work best. As yet, this site hasn’t given an exhaustive list of the best male enhancement drugs around, though. This article is here to change that.

Remember, you're not taking these pills for you.
Remember, you’re not taking these pills for you.

We all want the best sex possible, and we all want to please our partners. If these pills help us make her feel like she’s never felt before, then they’ve done their job.

Giving a comprehensive list is difficult, because new players emerge all the time in this industry, and sometimes different brand will revise their formulas.

Right now, though, these are the best pills available.

Before you start scanning for the pill that’s going to help you most, though, quick recap:

  • Penis enlargement pills work by increasing blood flow to the penis.
  • Penis enlargement pills work by raising your testosterone levels.
  • Penis enlargement pills work by heightening arousal.
  • Penis enlargement pills DON’T enlarge a flaccid penis.
  • Penis enlargement pills DO enlarge an erect penis.

Now that I’m sure we’re all on the same page, let’s begin.

The Best Penis Enlargement Pills

VigRx Plus
VigRx Plus

1. VigRX Plus

The makers of VigRx have done something that’s nearly unheard of in the penis enlargement pill industry: They’ve put some serious money and effort into researching their product. The website claims that in the first 3 or 4 months, guys saw huge increases in their performance, from erections to stamina, and the sex was better than ever. They back up this claim with charts and graphs from ACTUAL studies, not falsified 5-star reviews. In addition to that, it’s got ingredients that most dick pill users will recognize, and all of them are all-natural.

Chances of side effects with ingredients like the ones in VigRx are extremely lower. Customers are loving the product and giving insanely good reviews, but if the pills don’t make you and your partner happy, don’t worry. VigRx offers a 100% money back guarantee within the first 67 days. Most pills take 40 days to test, so you have plenty of time to figure out if this product is for you.

ProSolution Plus
ProSolution Plus

2. ProSolution Plus

ProSolution Plus isn’t quite as good as VigRx, but that’s the only real flaw I can find it the product. Like VigRx, it’s got tons of scientific research behind it. Like VigRx, it’s an all-natural pill, but unlike VigRx, it contains some proprietary herbal blends that don’t have their full ingredients documented. It’s a fantastic product that works. It just doesn’t work quite as well or as fast as our number one penis enlargement pill, so it’s in the number two spot. It’s still a great choice for anyone looking to up their game in the bedroom.

Natural Gain Plus
Natural Gain Plus

3. Natural Gain Plus

Natural Gain Plus is another all-natural penis enlargement pill with several of the most effective ingredients available in male enhancement drugs (e.g. maca, muira puama, zinc, American ginseng, and Asian ginseng). It increases the blood flow to your penis during an erection, and reviewers claim that the cumulative effects of the supplement create gains that will stick around after a few months of regular use. Like VigRX Plus, MaxGenics, and any other trustworthy penis enlargement pill manufacturer, the makers of Natural Gain Plus offer a 100-day 100% money-back guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, you’re not out the cash you paid for it.


4. Vimax

I’m about to write something about Vimax that I can’t even come close to saying about most penis enlargement pills: Vimax is made in an FDA-approved facility. Hot damn. A civilized dick pill with the Food and Drug Administration’s blessing on its place of origin. Furthermore, on their official website they honestly advise men that the statements made are NOT approved by the FDA.

Most suppliers do that, but Vimax doesn’t try to hide this disclaimer — they place it at the top of their webpage. They also debunk any claims that it’s a miracle pill and treat their product like what it is: an enhancement. Besides this, you can check the serial number on the Vimax you may purchased from another retailer and make sure it’s legit. Their site is a big win for them. Vimax works like most other male enhancement drugs (i.e. increased blood flow and testosterone), but it’s gluten-free, sugar-free, and contains no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavoring.


5. MaxGenics

MaxGenics is an all-natural testosterone supplement. Like the other products listed here, it contains many of the ingredients key to testosterone production, such as stinging nettle, magnesium, zinc, and BioPerine, and pretty much all of its ingredients have been clinically tested and shown to be effective in increasing testosterone levels. In addition to T-boosters, MaxGenics also contains aphrodisiacs such as Horny Goat Weed, which increase your sex drive — hardly a downside. In fact, the only real downsides I’ve found are that you shouldn’t take it with other medicines or if you have pre-existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure.


6. Extenze

Extenze is one of the most popular penis enlargement pills on the market, and it’s also one of the most (if not THE most) popular. It contains the ingredients you’d expect, like L’arginine and Tribulus Terrestris, and covers more ground by throwing in herbal remedies for stress and natural aphrodisiacs. It’s an easy win for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, men who want better erections, and men who want to intensify orgasms. The makers have also been successful in getting this product into several convenience stores. It’s not going to gain you that much size, though. Add to that the fact that this product contains Yohimbe, which potentially carries negative side effects, and this is a good pill but not the best.


7. Sinrex

This is a decent option for those looking for more size. If you combine it with an exercise program, you can see a larger penis over time. It’s a proprietary blend — which isn’t great, but it’s all-natural and that’s a big plus. It uses the go-to herbal extracts on the market now: L’arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Ginseng, and Tribulus. The downsides to Sinrex are that individual results may vary, and it takes a while to see any results at all. It’s not the best penis enlargement pill, but it is a good one by a reputable company.

Neosize XL
Neosize XL

8. NeoSize XL

Neosize XL works to increase the body’s production of nitric oxide. When this happens, blood vessels dilate, and more blood can flow to the penis. It also contains many other common ingredients to penis enlargement pills, and the website boasts that the Health Institute conducted a study of 100,000 participants, and 0.5” gains in length and 5% gains in girth were common once every month for 3 months with no side effects.

That’s an average 1.5” gains over 90 days in 100,000 men! This sounds good, but NeoSize XL loses a few points for their refund policy. Most penis pills take a minimum of 40 days to take effect, but NeoSize XL only offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Why, in an industry where 60 – 90 day money back guarantees are common, does NeoSize XL only offer a 30 day trial period? It seems to work pretty well overall, though. It might be the one for you.

male extra
Male Extra

9. Male Extra

This penis enlargement pill uses pomegranate and L’arginine to spike nitric oxide production to improve circulation. The official site says users are seeing 0.8” – 2.6” gains over 3 – 6 months of use. Keep in mind that 2.6” gains aren’t typical and results may vary. While the ingredients here are pretty run-of-the-mill in male enhancement drugs, what’s not normal is the daily dosage.

Male Extra requires 3 pills every day for results. This is a blow to Male Extra. I can leave an otherwise positive review, but this is a glaring negative point. While it might work about as well as others, having to remember 3 pills a day for effects that are average isn’t worth it.


10. Extagen

Extagen seems like it’s as good a product as any out there, but it’s got several drawbacks that have landed it in last place in this review. For starters, it does contain Yohimbe. Yohimbe might not cause severe side effects for healthy young men, but it’s not safe for aging men or people with blood pressure complications.

Besides that, Extagen neglects to put the ingredients of the pill on the label of the bottle. Reviews of the efficacy of Extagen are mixed, but that’s to be expected with pills built on herbal extracts. Most of the above penis enlargement pills don’t work for everyone, so Extagen isn’t any worse for those reviews. It can work for many guys. It’s not a bad product. It’s just not the best, because plenty of other products don’t contain Yohimbe and do have the ingredients listed on the bottle.


Penis enlargement pills work great for many guys trying to do better in the bedroom. However, they don’t all work the same way — some don’t even work for half the guys who try them.

While I’ve attempted to give you the best list of pills on the market today, things change all the time. What’s the best today might not be the best tomorrow. My advice is to continue doing research, track your progress when you try a pill, be patient, and have a healthy degree of skepticism when you read crazy claims.

Penis enlargement pills aren’t miracle drugs. They can be a great help to you when you’re trying to please your partner in new ways and have better sex, though.