How to Measure Your Penis Size Correctly

Are you curious what your penis’s size is? Well, you should measure it for you to find what exactly its size. When buying a condom, you probably ask yourself about what will be the perfect condom that will suit to you. In this case, if you know what exactly the size of your penis is, you can decide what kind of condom you should buy.

When measuring your manhood, you must have the materials needed. Even you know how big and long it is, it is important to use a measuring material to get exactly the size, and also must know the steps and procedures of measuring. Though it is an easy task, it is essential to follow the procedures.

How to Measure Your Penis Size Correctly-Easy Steps

1. To be able to measure the size correctly, the first thing you should do is to make sure you have erected. You cannot get the exact size if it is soft or flaccid. It is up to you how you will make the erection and proceed with the measuring when you get the perfect position.

2. If you are already erect, then get the proper position in order to measure the length.

  • The proper measurement is a must.
  • To measure first its length and here is what the proper procedure.
  • Then you can measure your length, mark how long from its base to the end.
  • List down the exact penis length and label it.

3. After getting the exact length, it is the time you will measure its girth. Enable to measure the girth, you should use, flexible measuring material like tape measure and measuring string. When measuring penis girth, you are actually getting the circumference or the thickness of it.

  • To make it perfectly, gently wrap the measuring string around to the thickest part of your penis. Make sure to wrap one time around and you must still be in a erect position.
  • After wrapping around, mark the string where it meets and gently attached the string in your penis then measure the string’s distance with your ruler.
  • You can do the same process with your tape measure and list down the measurement and label the girth of it.

4. That’s it. You now already got the exact size of your penis and you can now choose the right and perfect condom for it..

Getting the exact size of your penis has very important enabled you to know what condom size will fit to you and this must be done correctly. If you want to get more information about how to measure your penis correctly, you can prefer to internet. There are websites that are providing information about this matter as well as other concern about penis. It is free to gather information on the internet, so don’t hesitate to consult.