Virility Ex Review: Is It For Real and Does it Work?

Virility Ex is a dick pill used to… well, increase virility. Many men struggle with virility after their 30s, if not before, so I asked the internet what virility means. An online dictionary returned this:


  1. the state or quality of being virile; manly character, vigor, or spirit; masculinity.
  2. the power of procreation.

No wonder so many male enhancement drugs use “virility” in their names.

The definition of the word is the state most men are trying to achieve by downing these pills just before a sexual encounter. Issues with sex are issues with virility.

The website makes claims about increased size and sexual stamina, and it basically says that taking this pill can make you “virile” if you’re not anymore or never have been.

Virility Ex
Virility Ex

The company that makes Virility Ex is Santrinico Enterprises, established 2002. I did some digging and they do, in fact, make supplements that aren’t just for sexual performance. Their mission is “to deliver the highest quality health and beauty products with the best value to customers.” It sounds kind of vague, and so do their declarations of the product giving you the power to “please her all night.”

The official website lists all five-star reviews (at least I think it was all five-stars. I got tired of scrolling) from people who maybe took the product and liked it and maybe aren’t even real. That’s not a big deal to me. They list the ingredients on the website and have customer service lines readily available for you to call, which in this industry is a big win and sometimes hard to come by.

The reason I’m writing a Virility Ex review isn’t misinformation on their website or to warn you about horrifying side effects. I’m writing a Virility Ex review because there’s loads of bullshit out there on “review” websites. And these supplements aren’t just energy drinks. They aren’t affecting just any organ. This is your manhood we’re talking about, and you don’t want to buy something that shakes up your sex life without at least knowing what it is.

I’ll start by giving you the facts on what I saw as the biggest load of shit that had been written about Virility Ex: the ingredients.

What’s in it?

I looked at the official website for this product before I looked at any other “review” site. The ingredients of the product are right there, linked to in the menu at the top of the webpage. They are:

  • Zinc (as Oxide)
  • Selenium (as Chelate)
  • Korean Ginseng
  • Saw Palmetto

Those are the active ingredients. They list a few others, but this is what’s in the pill that’s supposed to give you better sex. It’s a remarkably short list, and that’s good, because you’re not getting a pill cut with a ton of other stuff that will potentially give you adverse side effects.

And while most of these are familiar substances in male enhancement drugs, they’re not the most familiar.

And that’s actually how I got pissed off. WARNING: I’m about to climb up on my soapbox for a minute. Please humor me in my rant — This is important.

You see, Virility Ex doesn’t claim to have any L’arginine, Yohimbe, or Horny Goat Weed in it, yet I came across these ingredients on tons of “Virility Ex review” websites. At first, I was confused. Did I misread the ingredients? Was the website not listing all the ingredients in the pills? I mean, those are some of the most common ingredients in dick pills overall. At least one of them is present in most of the drugs on the market.

Then I read the review that said the pills contained Yohimbe a little further. It went on to say that Virility Ex had “no side effects!” And that was crossing the freakin’ line.

Yohimbe is chocked full of side effects and can be especially dangerous for aging men and men with high blood pressure. This site was lying not only about what was in a pill that it recommended you buy but also telling you that a controversial, potentially dangerous ingredient was side effect-free!

And I get it, there are shitty people out there just looking to make money, but this was one of the top-ranked review sites on Google, which means that it’s getting wave upon wave of visitors searching for quality advice on male enhancement.

They’re probably just changing the names of the products that they “review” and using the same copy for them each time. That’s not cool and can get people hurt.

Anyway, it made me mad and now I’m trying to write a Virility Ex review that doesn’t suck or lie to you.

Just a word to the wise, most of these male enhancement drugs that you can order online aren’t FDA-approved. Most of them do adhere to Good Management Practices (GMP) and claim to be FDA-adherent, but when you’re dealing with less “authorized” drugs you’re sometimes going to get lower-quality reviews and exaggerated claims about what they do.

So do your research, please. And as much as it might be awkward, talk to your doctor. You’re paying them to know more than you do about these physical processes. Most men have had trouble with sex or wanted to be better in bed at some point or another during their careers. It’s not weird stuff you can’t talk about; it’s biology. And if you don’t talk about it out of embarrassment, you’re left reading bullshit reviews like the ones I found on Virility Ex and just hoping you don’t hurt yourself with the pills you’re taking.

Like I said, this isn’t just any organ. This is the organ in charge of your future sex life we’re talking about.

OK, rant over.

How does it work?

Virility Ex is a blend of mostly herbal ingredients that support holistic sexual health. In the pills, the ingredients serve the following purposes:

Zinc: improves sexual functions in the body, raises testosterone, and supports immunity and the normal processes in the body.

Selenium: aids in the normal body functions and boosts the actions of antioxidants in the body.

Korean Ginseng: stimulates the body and fights erectile dysfunction.

Saw Palmetto: increases sexual arousal by acting as an aphrodisiac and supports prostate health.

The manufacturer recommends 2 tablets 20 minutes before having a “sexual encounter” OR as directed by doctor. I noticed several comments on other reviews where people said they were taking the pills daily (which could just mean they don’t read directions).

In the best case scenario, this is your timeline of Virility Ex benefits:

  • First month – You get a better erection. According to the official website, Virility Ex will lead to a “more powerful” erection and “improved girth” in the first month. These are hardly quantitative claims, but I guess good sex is sort of a subjective thing anyway.
  • Second month – Sexual stamina increases. Maybe this is because you’ve built up your testosterone levels or just because you’ve been having a lot more sex than before (which would in turn build up your testosterone levels). Either way, going more and going longer are usually signs of better sex.
  • Third month – I think the site was saying something about explosive orgasms and extremely satisfied partners. I’ll just be equally nondescript and say “best you ever had.”

That’s the best case scenario when taking these pills. That’s how they’re supposed to work. Do they live up to the hype, though? Does Virility Ex work?

Does Virility Ex work?

You might remember that I said Virility Ex is a mostly natural, holistic drug. And like nature, natural supplements can be unpredictable. You see, herbal extracts create a reaction in some people and not in others.

You’re going to hate me for this analogy in a minute, but it’ll help you understand what I’m talking about.

Reacting to the herbal ingredients in something like Virility Ex is like having an allergic reaction to cats. I am allergic to cats. If I hold a cat, I break out in fits of sneezing, itch all over, and generally feel shitty. If my girlfriend holds a cat, nothing happens because she doesn’t have allergic reactions and the cat just sits there not giving a fuck about anything.

In the same way, when certain herbal ingredients are in pills, some guys break out in erections and others just sit there, flaccid.

We’re not sure why this is. Studies have suggested that it has to do with blood sugar levels, body weight, and even ethnicity. All this to say, just like you don’t know if you’re allergic to cats until you try to pet one, you can’t really know if a dick pill will work for you until you try it.

You can look at statistics, though, and those tell us that these pills only work for around half of the people who use them.

While users of the drug experienced mixed results, most of the positive results were mediocre, not the best-you-ever-had-explosive-orgasm-giant-dick results many guys are looking for.

Should I buy it?

Maybe you have some money to experiment with Virility Ex. If you’re one of the 50% or so that the pills work for, you’ve got nothing to lose and can become one of the people who leaves a positive Virility Ex review. They’re more holistic, less dangerous, and contain fewer ingredients than other pills, so if you do like them, that’s a huge plus.

If they don’t do anything for you, then you have 90 days to get a refund. That’s not too bad, but the refund doesn’t include shipping and handling, so there’s a very real chance that you’re going to waste some money.

Here’s the breakdown:

The Good:

  • low chance of adverse side effects (but talk to your doctor)
  • customer service lines for many countries/languages
  • money back guarantee (doesn’t include S&H)
  • good ingredients for holistic sexual health

The bad:

  • doesn’t work for around half of users
  • shipping and handling not included in refund
  • not FDA-approved
  • tons of misinformation in high-ranking reviews

Overall, it doesn’t look like Virility Ex is a bad male enhancement drug to try. It works for some people and not for others, and that’s what you’re going to find with most of the non-FDA-approved dick pills online. My Virility Ex review is that it’s average, and it’s a gamble with a good chance of losing money.